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Do you ever feel that you...

  • don't know what you want or how to tell your partner what you want?

  • don't feel normal, that you fit somewhere, or that your body just doesn't "work right"/feels "broken?"

  • don't deserve sexual pleasure?

  • don't know how to set boundaries or that it's your fault people don't respect them?

  • don't know how to read your partner's desires, boundaries, limits, or learn what they want?

  • attract the wrong people?

  • maybe aren't made for monogamy? (Or monogamy isn't made for you?)

  • aren't attractive, sexy, or handsome enough?

  • Or that you have so many questions you don't know where to start?

Know this: It's not your fault.

Communication, boundary setting, sex education, and pleasure are rarely talked about in a useful way in schools and parents often don't have the resources they need to have these conversations. As we get older, it feels harder and harder to figure out skills and values that we missed out on as kids.

What I offer:

  • More confidence in yourself and in sexual and romantic interactions

  • Learning that your pleasure and your feelings MATTER

  • Communication skills in negotiating sexual interactions

  • A better understanding of self for finding compatible romantic and sexual partners (and community, too!)

  • Tools for setting and respecting boundaries

About me

Yael R. Rosenstock Gonzalez is a queer, poly, Nuyorican-Jewish sex educator who loves salsa dancing and horses. At 15 years old, she became a teen peer reproductive rights educator and never looked back. Her undergraduate thesis, "A Not so Silent Voice for Female Sexuality: Empowering Examples from Literature Cross-Culturally" and her Master's thesis, "Dismantling Rape Culture through an Exploration of Consent, Desire, and Pleasure," created space for her to explore sexuality, consent, and pleasure through different disciplines. She has since started her own company, Kaleidoscope Vibrations, LLC (KV) and is working on a collaborative body positive photo-interview series entitled Diverse Bodies Project for KV's next book.

Yael has been engaged in workshop development and facilitation since she joined the New York Civil Liberties Union (NYCLU) as a teen peer reproductive rights educator at 15 years old. Since then, she has served as an educator with children ranging from 10 months old to adults in their 70s with different organizations and communities. In her work as first Program Coordinator, then Director of Programming, and finally Associate Director of the Center for Ethnic, Racial, and Religious Understanding, Yael developed and led events, workshops, and programs with an intersectionality lens.

Throughout Yael’s career, there has been an emphasis on sex, gender, and diversity. Her undergraduate thesis, "A Not so Silent Voice for Female Sexuality: Empowering Examples from Literature Cross-Culturally" and Master's thesis, "Dismantling Rape Culture through an Exploration of Consent, Desire, and Pleasure," created space for her to explore sexuality, consent, and pleasure through different perspectives and disciplines. In 2018 she published "An Introguide to a Sex Positive You: Lessons, Tales, and Tips," a queer and trans inclusive book, and has since begun offering Sex Coaching services.

Media Appearances and Recent Features

27 Ways to Get Over a Breakup, Like, Right Now Because, hi, your best self is waiting. Article by Anna Breslaw, Carina Hsieh, & Taylor Andrews, Cosmopolitan, August 2020

Full Getting to Know YOU for Better Self, Sex, and Relationships Course

Interested in a 3-month course with an online community and short weekly videos with worksheets and journal prompts on different topics of getting to know yourself, your desires, and what you're seeking?

In the meantime, come participate in one of the two FREE live webinars I'm holding on September 15th and 20th as an introductory 1-hour session!

What will the first hour cover?
What do you consider important when choosing a romantic partner? I will offer you over a dozen questions you can ask yourself to get to know more about you, your needs, expectations, desires, and values. Not only is this useful information for self but translates into being able to find compatible relationships and pleasurable/satisfying sex.

In this one hour workshop, I will begin to guide you through three of the more vague questions to help you find the answers that are right for you!

Interested in more courses?

I am developing more courses all the time. For the latest information about upcoming curriculum, freebie webinars, and more live and recorded content from me, be sure to check back here or sign up for my newsletter. Plus you'll get monthly updates on articles I'm writing, podcast and speaking gigs, and much more.

Sex Coaching

I offer one-on-one and small group coaching sessions. Do you think you might need more in-depth coaching on sexual matters? I can help you build up your confidence, communication skills, and understanding of yourself as a romantic and sexual partner.

Sex Coaching can cover...

  • Judgment free space to ask your questions

  • Opportunities to talk about concerns/thoughts/experiences

  • Exploration of sexual desires/needs/wants

  • Reflecting on past experiences

  • Communicating around current/potential relationships

  • Connecting to resources

Sex Coaching with Yael does not include...

  • Phone or webcam sex

  • Flirting or sexual experiences between client and coach

*** Sex work IS real work but it's not my work. There are a lot of great phone sex operators and webcammers to reach out to if that is what you are seeking.

Special note per California Penal Code section 647(b) and CALCRIM Nos. 1153 to 1155: the services I offer do not in any way include or relate to either (1) engagement in any lewd act for money or other consideration, or (2) solicitation, offer, or agreement to engage in any lewd act for money or other consideration.


Yael helped me identify stigmas I hold around my own sexuality identities and recognize their sources. She also gave me actionable suggestions for how to confront these stigmas and feel more comfortable with my own pleasure and desires. I think the most valuable part of the whole coaching session though was that she gave me space to celebrate the progress I've already made in my sexual liberation journey. I think it's often easy to focus on what we're lacking and difficult to celebrate what we've already achieved, but Yael helped me with both!

Sarah, 26

Me and my partner both found the advice given very helpful and very beneficial to our sex lives. I highly recommend Yael as she is very understanding and works with you to find solutions or possible improvements.

Ari, 20 NB (Non-Binary)

Yael is extremely understanding and patient. She listens to each and every question, asks for clarification, and makes sure you feel heard. I've never felt judged when speaking with her about sex and sexuality!

Marina Nebro, 26

As a woman with vaginismus, I often feel discouraged from sex-ed spaces or embarrassed to speak up on behalf of women who are sexual but cannot necessarily have penetrative sex. Though her intersectional educational approach, Yael has helped me engage in sexuality in a way that empowers me and gives me the tools to eventually practice penetration in an enjoyable way


This was my first coaching session on this topic and I really enjoyed it. Yael organized the topics really well (everything got covered and there was an awful lot!) and created a fun and safe discussion environment. She even showed positions and used anatomical representations for me to better understand. The best part though was how comfortable she made me feel while talking about topics I sometimes find taboo/embarrassing.

Vicky, 34

Identity Coaching

It's never too early or too late to learn more about yourself. If you're feeling lost, seeking confidence, or just finding a footing in new communities, I can would be honored to help you on that journey.

Identity coaching can cover...

  • Developing a confident and positive sense of self

  • Exploring new, emerging, or confusing identities

  • Understanding how our identities influence our world experiences

  • Finding community

Consulting & Speaking

Looking for a consultant, event host, or facilitator? Need someone to develop curriculum for your population? Looking to engage a speaker for your event? I am here for a variety of your sexologist needs! Use the following forms that best fit your needs.

My Signature Workshops are available for individuals, parties, groups, companies, schools, and organizations.

I regularly offer consulting services to (1) review your materials and offer feedback (2) develop curriculum for your population (3) brainstorm or develop event/program ideas (4) for business related coaching.

Get in touch today!


  • Body Positivity

  • Consent and Respecting Boundaries

  • Desire, Pleasure, and Arousal

  • Healthy Relationships

  • Identity Exploration

  • Intimate Partner Violence

  • LGBTQ+/Queer Identitiess

  • Masturbation

  • Body Positivity

  • Consent and Respecting

  • Menstruation

  • Partnering Styles (Monogamy & Polyamory/Ethical Non-monogamy)

  • Peer Sex Education

  • Sexual Identity

  • Sexual Violence

  • ... and more!

Signature Workshops

Here are some of my signature workshops! You can book these or ask me to create ones for your group.

Using the Five Senses for Arousal

For many, pleasure begins in the mind rather than the physical touch. In this workshop, you will explore methods for engaging, or restricting, all five senses (taste, sound, smell, sight, and touch) for exciting and steamy sexual encounters. Come prepared to participate and explore infinite possibilities. Within the workshop, we will be testing methods on our largest organ, our skin, and on a mixture of traditionally and non-traditionally erogenous zones.

Getting to Know Yourself for Better Self, Sex, and Relationships

This workshop is an opportunity to explore your identities and have conversation with others. Sometimes we don't realize there are communities of people with whom we can connect and this is a space to start that journey!

BodyLove: Vulva Edition

This is a day long empowering exploration of body and self.

Goals include:

  • Body positivity (in the meet you where you're at, no shame way)

  • Increased familiarity with own body and comfort with those of others

  • Exploration of sexuality through conversation

  • Connection with other people with vulvas

  • Confronting socialization

  • Low-risk vulnerability

This workshop is a nude space to create a sense of shared vulnerability. The culminating activity will be a guided vulva show-and-tell followed by a non-sexual group massage.

Both the vulva show-and-tell and the group massage are activities that come from Betty Dodson's BodySex Workshop.

An Intro-Guide to a Sex Positive You: Lessons, Tales, and Tips

Buy now on Amazon!

Are you looking to find sexually or romantically compatible partners? Do you ever feel unsure about making a move or how to express new things you want to try? Do you wish you knew more ways to connect with yourself or your partner? Yael uses stories from her own life, as well as those from guest contributors, to illustrate methods and concepts for living a sex-positive, and sexually fulfilling, life.

Part I of the intro-guide helps you develop self-awareness through an exploration of sexual identities and preferences. This awareness is good for personal development as well as to prepare you for finding compatible sexual and romantic matches while avoiding those that could lead to negative experiences.

Part II concentrates on communication and consent: how to develop the tools necessary to voice your desires and boundaries while respecting those of others.

Lastly, Part III provides a brief overview of ‘need to know’ material as well as recommendations for exploration and discovery.

Order your copy today on Amazon!
Available in both paperback and ebook.

Read the reviews for yourself!

  • The author is candid, knowledgeable and affirming. It’s like talking to your best friend who is not only supportive and non-judgmental, but also knows her stuff. As a therapist, I have recommended this book to a few of my clients and will continue to do so. If only this book were around twenty+ years ago…

  • I loved the inclusivity shown in this book. I love how relatable and open this was also. When I read it I felt that it was okay not to know some of what was being expressed because of how open and positive An Intro-Guide to a Sex Positive You was, in addition I loved the addition of the the interactive activities in the book that allowed you to explore yourself.

  • A rare blend of vulnerable, personal truth-telling combined with real professionalism and expertise. Yael's commitment to exploring the intersection of identity, sexuality, and interpersonal relationships (her own, yours, everyone's!) makes you feel like you're talking with a friend - who just happens to also be an expert.

  • The way Yael shares her story makes the text relatable; she then uses this comfort you've built to make you ask questions about your own assumptions and practices.


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Podcasts and Guest Spots

I love sharing my expertise and passion for sex positivity, queer activism, relationships, and more! Below are some of the places I've made appearances.

Interested in having me on as a guest? Shoot me an email with more info about you and your show! Links are at the bottom of this page.

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Navigating Polyamorous Relationships
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